Relax, You’re Going to the Dentist

If that title strikes you as a complete contradiction of thoughts, you’re certainly not alone. As friendly as we the dental team like to think we are, studies prove that coming to visit us doesn’t top many people’s list of “favorite things to do”. The good news is that local anesthetics and current technology can take care of the physical discomforts of dental treatments, while our dental team can provide you with a number of suggestions to ease any mental anxiety you may have.

Here are some tips that can help you relax naturally before and during your visit:

  • Set aside a stress free time for your appointment – don’t try to squeeze it in between other meetings you’re rushing to get to.
  • Avoid taking any stimulants- coffee or cola for instance – before your appointment. The last thing you need is for caffeine to kick in just as you’re sliding into the dental chair.
  • Discuss your concerns with us. During any procedure, if you feel discomfort or if you’d like to take a break please raise your hand and let us know.
  • Bring an audio device with your favourite calming music to help distract you from the noise of the dental office.
  • Use deep breathing exercises and visualization techniques to picture you relaxed.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your fears or anxieties with us. Our dental team is here to help you have a positive dental experience and we welcome talking to you about your individual situation and answering any questions you may have in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.